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I was hit in the rear – is the other driver always at fault? UPDATED

Updated July 5, 2021 We have been representing people injured in car accidents since 1922 and have seen many rear-end car crashes – too many to count! And here in Passaic County (and the surrounding Essex County and Hudson County), there are no shortages of car accidents. Clients routinely ask if the driver who rear-ended
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Reimbursement for Lost Wages After a Car Accident Through Your Insurance

UPDATED JULY 18, 2019 Following a car accident, an injured person may be in the position where they are too hurt to immediately return to work. In New Jersey, we use the term “lost wage claim” to describe a claim made to recover lost wages that were never earned because of an accident. Unfortunately, lost
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The Seriousness of an Insurance Medical Exam

                            UPDATED JUNE 27, 2019 In most New Jersey cases, if a person is injured in a car accident their own insurance company will pay for medical treatment under the PIP portion of their auto insurance policy. Treatment for other types of
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Bad Idea: Electing Health Insurance Primary on Your Car Insurance Policy

UPDATED MAY 14, 2019 New Jersey car insurance companies are constantly trying convince you to switch insurance companies by offering cheaper rates. Not long ago, we explained how New Jersey car insurance companies rip you off by “saving you money”. One of those “savings” is to elect the health insurance primary option. After a recent
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How to make an insurance claim for hurricane damages to your home or business

UPDATED MAY 1, 2019 As New Jersey rebuilds from the massive damage and loss of services from Hurricane Sandy, we want to take this opportunity to give people some tips on how to deal with insurance companies while making a claim for damage to your home or business. The below is just some general information,
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UM/UIM Claims: When your own insurance company defends the person who injured you

UPDATED APRIL 17, 2019 As New Jersey attorneys who regularly represent people injured in car accidents, we are very familiar with representing people in uninsured and underinsured motorist claims. We would like to take the time to explain some of the important points regarding UM and UIM claims in New Jersey. What is an Uninsured
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I was hurt in an accident, do I need a lawyer?

UPDATED Dec. 11, 2018 What happens if you are unfortunately injured in an accident? You might ask, do I need a lawyer? Won’t the insurance company for person at fault pay for my injuries and bills? Can I take care of this myself? As attorneys with a robust personal injury practice, we hear these questions,
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How New Jersey Car Insurance Companies Rip You Off (by "saving you money")

Related:  Auto Negligence; Insurance is not just about price; Personal injury; No-Fault claims; New Jersey Auto Insurance Buyer’s Guide. UPDATED JULY 19, 2018 Car insurance policies and the laws that govern them are often very important in personal injury cases involving car accidents.  Because of this, we have become very familiar with the auto insurance
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New Law Eases Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

Driving without insurance in New Jersey is a very serious matter, and for many years the New Jersey courts and politicians have taken steps to combat the rising problem of uninsured drivers. As the cost of insurance rose in New Jersey during the 80’s and 90’s, more and more people were driving without insurance. And
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Law about Uninsured Motorist coverage argued on appeal

We are happy to report that Daniel A. Levy, Esq. appeared on October 9, 2013 before the Appellate Division for oral arguments on an important issue of Uninsured Motorist (“UM”) coverage. The case is captioned Sanders v. CURE, Appellate Division Docket No. A – 003878-12. Mr. Levy also filed the briefs with the appellate court.
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