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What happens if the police don’t read me my rights?

UPDATED JUNE 6, 2019 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Related: Criminal Law, What happens on the first court date if arrested in New Jersey?, Understanding the fee for criminal defense cases   As part of my New Jersey criminal defense practice, the most common question that I hear from clients is, “what happens if
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Transporting Firearms in New Jersey – getting searched, and getting caught

Updated Feb. 27 2019 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Gun crimes and issues regarding carrying firearms and possessing weapons have been heavily covered by news sources lately. And our clients in New Jersey may have lots of questions about transporting guns in their cars and whether police may search a car for guns. Recently,
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Can police use a drug sniffing dog without probable cause?

What happens if police show up to your New Jersey home with a drug sniffing dog? Are they permitted to use the dog around your home to search for drugs without probable cause? Or do they need permission or a warrant? The United States Supreme Court recently addressed this question, and the outcome will likely
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No Warrant Required for Facebook Postings

Updated July 5, 2018 As part of our criminal defense practice, we are often asked “do police need a warrant to search your Facebook page?” Obviously, this is a fairly new issue and there is limited law to give us guidance. But the underlying question is the same as in most questions about warrant requirements
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Police no longer need a warrant to search a car in New Jersey

Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Very recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court drastically changed the rules regarding police searches of vehicles. The bottom line is that police in New Jersey now do not need a warrant to search a car when police have probable cause to believe that it contains contraband or evidence of
  • drug crimes, police, warrant
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Can police force you to take a breath, urine, or blood test?

Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. In New Jersey, if a driver is pulled over and suspected of drunk driving or driving while intoxicated/under the influence (“DUI”), the officer may ask the driver to submit to a breath, urine, or blood test. Clients have asked us whether they must take the test or if they
  • criminal law, drug crimes, drunk driving, dui, dwi, municipal court, police, reckless driving, ticket, traffic, warrant
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