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Can police use a drug sniffing dog without probable cause?

What happens if police show up to your New Jersey home with a drug sniffing dog? Are they permitted to use the dog around your home to search for drugs without probable cause? Or do they need permission or a warrant? The United States Supreme Court recently addressed this question, and the outcome will likely
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Can I get a conditional discharge in New Jersey if I am caught with marijuana?

Updated July 17, 2018 Possession of small amounts of marijuana in New Jersey is illegal, but because of decriminalization certain first time offenders are able to avoid criminal penalties. This can be done by entering a conditional discharge program at the Municipal Court where you are charged. We frequently appear in the various municipal courts
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Passenger arrested for possession of gun/drugs in car, a Mike Goodson case study

In recent news, Michael Goodson, a running back signed to the New York Jets in the off-season before the start of the 2013 football season, was arrested in New Jersey for possession of marijuana and an illegal handgun. He was a passenger in a car and only a small amount of the marijuana was found
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