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Commercial property owner has duty to remove snow/ice from sidewalk at vacant building

Updated Dec. 5, 2021 As New Jersey attorneys who represent people seriously injured in falls on ice and snow, we are constantly working to make sure that our clients are able to make claims against all available insurance policies. Sometimes we must unfortunately advise our clients that they are not able to make a claim
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Dog Bite Injury Cases

The New Jersey Dog Bite Liability Law provides the following: The owner of a dog that bites or attacks a person may strictly liable under NJ law. The statute, N.J.S.A. 4:19-16, reads, in relevant part: The owner of any dog which shall bite a person while such person is on or in a public place,
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Is the owner responsible if someone uses their car and causes an accident?

Updated August 2, 2021 During many accidents in New Jersey, the person who is driving the car is not the owner of the car. Many times people who were injured in accidents or suffered property damage have asked us whether the owner of the vehicle is responsible when someone else uses the car and causes
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CHECKLIST: Things to do, and not to do, after a car accident

Updated Sept 30, 2021 Unfortunately, good drivers may be not unable to avoid the negligent actions of others. You should be prepared in the event of an auto accident and take the necessary steps to protect yourself should an accident occur. Here is a checklist of the top ways to protect yourself: REMAIN at the
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I was hit in the rear – is the other driver always at fault? UPDATED

Updated July 5, 2021 We have been representing people injured in car accidents since 1922 and have seen many rear-end car crashes – too many to count! And here in Passaic County (and the surrounding Essex County and Hudson County), there are no shortages of car accidents. Clients routinely ask if the driver who rear-ended
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What to do if you slip on ice/snow (Updated)

Updated March 3, 2021 Over the years, we worked on a number of cases recently where clients suffered severe fractures after falling on snow and/or ice, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share some tips (Especially with cold weather ahead of us!) First, if you are injured in any accident, it is important
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I was hurt on the job about one (1) year ago and the company is now out of business can I still make a Workers’ Compensation claim?

UPDATED: JULY 15, 2020 Yes, the fact that the company is out of business is not important as you are covered for your work injuries by the Workers’ Compensation insurance policy in place at the time of your injury, so as long as your former employer had insurance, you are covered. Secondly, you have two
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Reimbursing Medicare for treatment related to an accident

UPDATED: MARCH 2, 2020   If a person is injured in an accident, they need to figure out how their medical providers will be paid for their treatment. Many of our personal injury clients in New Jersey are Medicare beneficiaries, many others have private or public employee insurance benefits, and others have access to other
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What is a ‘civil reservation’? Proposed changes in the process.

UPDATED MARCH 12, 2020 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. At times, a person who has been injured in a car accident through no fault of their own is still issued a traffic ticket by the police. This happens for various reasons, and in such a case the person may hear the term “civil reservation”
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Can I pick my own doctor in a worker’s compensation case?

UPDATED: DECEMBER 5, 2019 When a worker’s compensation case is opened in New Jersey, the carrier will direct the worker where to go for treatment. But from time to time, the injured worker is unhappy with that doctor and wants to switch to a new doctor of their choosing. Clients ask us if they can
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