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Can I pick my own doctor in a worker’s compensation case?

UPDATED: DECEMBER 5, 2019 When a worker’s compensation case is opened in New Jersey, the carrier will direct the worker where to go for treatment. But from time to time, the injured worker is unhappy with that doctor and wants to switch to a new doctor of their choosing. Clients ask us if they can
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If I am in a car accident while working, who pays for my bills and injuries?

UPDATED: NOVEMBER 20, 2019 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. We do a lot of car accident cases, but when someone is injured while on the job, it adds an additional layer of complexity. In fact, we were recently in front of the Appellate Division on this exact issue. And it is no wonder that
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Medicare and Medicaid Liens and Personal Injury Cases

UPDATED: OCT. 31, 2019 If a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary is injured and brings a Personal Injury case, their attorney must handle the case a little bit differently. In every case, an injured person is concerned about who will pay the medical bills after an accident. Most of the time, a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary
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Workplace injuries in the trial courts

UPDATED: OCTOBER 22, 2019 We previously wrote about work-related injuries and explained some of the legal background. Specifically, we explained that if a worker in New Jersey wants to bring a claim for personal injuries after an accident while on the job, the matter will usually be a worker’s compensation claim against the employer and
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Injuries at construction work sites

UPDATED: OCTOBER 17, 2019 The late ’60s was a rocky time in United States. The country was focused on civil rights, women’s rights, and Vietnam. Also during that time, workplace injuries and illnesses were dramatically increasing in both number and severity. The public and workers were demanding workplace safety and health legislation. In 1970, the
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Mediation and arbitration during New Jersey lawsuits

UPDATED AUGUST 1, 2019 Most people know what a lawsuit is and people are generally familiar that a plaintiff may file a lawsuit and at the end there eventually is a trial. But many people are unfamiliar with the terms, “mediation” and “arbitration”, despite the fact that both kinds of proceedings play crucial roles in
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Lawsuits for children injured during youth sports

  UPDATED JULY 25, 2019 As part of our extensive New Jersey Personal Injury practice, we are occasionally asked by parents whether they can bring a lawsuit for injuries suffered by their child during a youth sporting event. Lately, there has been a lot more public education about the dangers of youth contact sports. The
  • personal injury, sports injuries
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Reimbursement for Lost Wages After a Car Accident Through Your Insurance

UPDATED JULY 18, 2019 Following a car accident, an injured person may be in the position where they are too hurt to immediately return to work. In New Jersey, we use the term “lost wage claim” to describe a claim made to recover lost wages that were never earned because of an accident. Unfortunately, lost
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Slip and fall accidents in restaurants and grocery stores

UPDATED JULY 4, 2019 We have many clients who are injured in fall-down accidents, and usually the first issue that comes up in a fall-down case is whether the owner/operator of the property is responsible for the client’s injury. While this is always an issue in any personal injury case, there are some specific issues
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The Seriousness of an Insurance Medical Exam

                            UPDATED JUNE 27, 2019 In most New Jersey cases, if a person is injured in a car accident their own insurance company will pay for medical treatment under the PIP portion of their auto insurance policy. Treatment for other types of
  • IME, insurance, medical exam, personal injury
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