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Lawsuits for children injured during youth sports

  UPDATED JULY 25, 2019 As part of our extensive New Jersey Personal Injury practice, we are occasionally asked by parents whether they can bring a lawsuit for injuries suffered by their child during a youth sporting event. Lately, there has been a lot more public education about the dangers of youth contact sports. The
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Reimbursement for Lost Wages After a Car Accident Through Your Insurance

UPDATED JULY 18, 2019 Following a car accident, an injured person may be in the position where they are too hurt to immediately return to work. In New Jersey, we use the term “lost wage claim” to describe a claim made to recover lost wages that were never earned because of an accident. Unfortunately, lost
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Slip and fall accidents in restaurants and grocery stores

UPDATED JULY 4, 2019 We have many clients who are injured in fall-down accidents, and usually the first issue that comes up in a fall-down case is whether the owner/operator of the property is responsible for the client’s injury. While this is always an issue in any personal injury case, there are some specific issues
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The Seriousness of an Insurance Medical Exam

                            UPDATED JUNE 27, 2019 In most New Jersey cases, if a person is injured in a car accident their own insurance company will pay for medical treatment under the PIP portion of their auto insurance policy. Treatment for other types of
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I was hurt, it’s not my fault, and still I get nothing??!!

UPDATED MAY 29, 2019 Frequently, clients come to use after being injured through no fault of their own and they assume that we will be able to recover compensation for their pain and suffering, bills, lost wages, etc. However, there are certain situations when it is essentially impossible for an accident victim to receive any
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Bad Idea: Electing Health Insurance Primary on Your Car Insurance Policy

UPDATED MAY 14, 2019 New Jersey car insurance companies are constantly trying convince you to switch insurance companies by offering cheaper rates. Not long ago, we explained how New Jersey car insurance companies rip you off by “saving you money”. One of those “savings” is to elect the health insurance primary option. After a recent
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UM/UIM Claims: When your own insurance company defends the person who injured you

UPDATED APRIL 17, 2019 As New Jersey attorneys who regularly represent people injured in car accidents, we are very familiar with representing people in uninsured and underinsured motorist claims. We would like to take the time to explain some of the important points regarding UM and UIM claims in New Jersey. What is an Uninsured
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Commercial property owner has duty to remove snow/ice from sidewalk at vacant building

Updated Feb. 12, 2019 As New Jersey attorneys who represent people seriously injured in falls on ice and snow, we are constantly working to make sure that our clients are able to make claims against all available insurance policies. Sometimes we must unfortunately advise our clients that they are not able to make a claim
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Injuries caused by employees of charities

Updated Feb. 5, 2019 As New Jersey personal injury lawyers, we are sometimes consulted by people who have been injured by employees of charitable organizations. Normally, a business has a non-delegable duty to do certain things that prevent their employees from intentionally harming people. For example, a company should not ignore signs that an employee
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Can I sue if I am partially at fault?

Updated Jan. 20 2019 What happens if you are injured in an accident and you are partially at fault? You may ask yourself if you can still sue and collect damages for your expenses, medical bills, and pain and suffering. As New Jersey lawyers, we are frequently asked these questions by those injured in car
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