Updated Sept 30, 2021

Unfortunately, good drivers may be not unable to avoid the negligent actions of others. You should be prepared in the event of an auto accident and take the necessary steps to protect yourself should an accident occur. Here is a checklist of the top ways to protect yourself:

REMAIN at the scene of an accident until the police arrive. Obtain names and driving information from those involved and provide the other driver with your information. Afterwards, notify your insurance company and call a law firm that deals with injured victims.

PHOTOGRAPH your car or other property if it was damaged in the accident as soon as possible. Be sure to photograph any other machinery, instrumentalities, appliances, apparatus, or structures that may be connected, either directly or indirectly, with your accident, and bring these matters to our attention.

CONTACT our office with the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses to your case.

DO NOT discuss your case with anyone except your attorney or a designated representative of this office. If someone asks you for information, give that person your attorney’s name, address and telephone number and advise us of the encounter. Under no circumstances are you to answer any questions, unless instructed to do so by your attorney.

DO NOT sign your name to any papers for anyone except your attorney, a designated representative of this office, or your doctor.

DO NOT sign any papers for your insurance company unless you have discussed the matter with our office.

RETAIN all receipts for medication, medical care, hospital expenses, or any other expenses associated with your case and give them to this office.

KEEP a complete record of any lost wages, if applicable.

NOTIFY our office immediately if you move, change your mailing address or telephone number.

CONTACT our office if something happens affecting your case or injuries. Please call us if there are any new developments such as seeing a new doctor, returning to work, termination of employment, or any important changes in medical treatment – termination or treatment.