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In addition to our personal injury practice, we also represent clients in other areas of law. Regardless of the type of case, we fight to protect the rights of all of our clients and treat all cases as if they are the most important case on our docket. If you need a New Jersey criminal lawyer, municipal court lawyer, or a family lawyer, please contact us.

We fight to protect the rights of clients in Superior Court who are charged with most types of crimes, including: drugs; assault; domestic violence; resisting arrest; obstructing justice; burglary/theft; arson; criminal mischief/vandalism; harassment/threats/stalking; shoplifting; etc. We also represent clients in Municipal Court for minor crimes as well as traffic tickets, drunk driving (DUI/DWI), ordinance/building violations, trucking violations; etc. And we represent clients in family law matters, including divorce, child support, and visitation/custody disputes. Finally, we represent clients with other types of civil litigation (i.e. law suits between companies or individuals).