When a worker’s compensation case is opened in New Jersey, the carrier will direct the worker where to go for treatment. But from time to time, the injured worker is unhappy with that doctor and wants to switch to a new doctor of their choosing. Clients ask us if they can pick their own doctor or if they are stuck with the doctor that the worker’s compensation carrier picked for them.

Generally, no, you may not select your our doctor. However, if you believe you are getting ineffective or substandard care, you can seek a second opinion from another doctor and force a new course of treatment.

Your employer and/or their insurance company are responsible for providing you with medical care if you are injured on the job but, in turn, they are allowed to select the doctors that you see. However, if you have reason to challenge the care you are getting, in some cases you can get the insurance company to send you for the second opinion or you can get an opinion from a doctor of your choice and file a Motion with the Court to change the course of your treatment. I advise you to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss the best way for to proceed in this situation to ensure you get the medical treatment you deserve and an entitled to under the Workers Compensation laws.