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What is it like to deal with insurance adjusters?

So you want to settle you personal injury case?  Well, if you do then you have probably had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an insurance adjuster like this one! Hope you enjoyed this. If you have any need for a lawyer in New Jersey, then please contact us! (p) 973-742-1917
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Can I pass a car waiting to make a left turn? (Updated)

Updated Oct 20, 2018 People often ask if they are allowed to pass on the right when another car is waiting to make a left turn. It is common in New Jersey that a vehicle will stop with a left turn signal on and cars will pass on the right. But is this allowed? First,
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How much does it cost to fight for custody in New Jersey?

Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. When two parents break up, it is not uncommon for one of them to file a Complaint with the court and establish a custody and visitation order. Most of the time, the parents can agree with there child will live for the majority of the time. But when they
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New Jersey Car Insurance and Your Rights: UPDATED

UPDATED Sept 7, 2018 Know your options when you choose automobile insurance. People purchase insurance with the hope that they will never need it. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so you and your family members should have adequate coverage. Limitation on lawsuit v. no limitation on lawsuit Choose the “No Limitation on Lawsuit Option.” Do not
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Insurance Is Not Just About Price

Updated August 29, 2018 After seeing countless commercials featuring friendly reptiles, celebrity spokespeople, enticing cartoons, and other zany characters, you may be under the false impression that shopping for car insurance is all about price. This is very far from true. First, there are several different insurance options, as explained in our article, NJ Insurance
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Hiring a Lawyer for a Simple, No Fault Divorce in New Jersey

Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Updated August 18, 2018 It is not uncommon that a client contacts me and says that they and their spouse are in agreement that they should get divorced. They ask, how much to get a simple divorce? What is a no fault divorce? We were just married a few
  • divorce, family law
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What happens when you agree to split lottery winnings with co-workers?

UPDATED AUGUST 9, 2018 What happens when you agree to split lottery winnings with co-workers?? With the perennial hype surrounding the large lottery jackpots, we, as New Jersey civil attorneys, read an interesting case where six friends and co-workers had agreed to pool their money to buy lottery tickets, with the understanding that they would split
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How New Jersey Car Insurance Companies Rip You Off (by "saving you money")

Related:  Auto Negligence; Insurance is not just about price; Personal injury; No-Fault claims; New Jersey Auto Insurance Buyer’s Guide. UPDATED JULY 19, 2018 Car insurance policies and the laws that govern them are often very important in personal injury cases involving car accidents.  Because of this, we have become very familiar with the auto insurance
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How To: Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots ( It’s Less obvious than it sounds.)

BY TONY QUIROGA Updated July 10, 2018 For the past few years, various carmakers have been offering blind-spot detection systems for their cars’ side mirrors. Often complex, these systems employ cameras or radar to scan the adjoining lanes for vehicles that may have disappeared from view. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published a paper
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Restraining Orders and abuses/shortfalls of the system

Updated June 06, 2018 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Related: What will happen if I am served with a restraining order; Domestic violence; Harassment/Threats/Stalking. Domestic violence is a very serious matter in New Jersey, as in most states in the U.S. If anyone feels that they are the victim of domestic violence they have
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