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Emergency Care Without the Worries About the Bill

The world as we know it has changed drastically over the last couple years. Emergency care has become more common than ever. Unfortunately, it is also common that those seeking emergency services from a facility often get hit with unexpected medical bills for services that weren’t anticipated. That is all about to change. The No
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This upcoming year will be the 100th year anniversary for my law firm, Raff and Raff LLP.  We’ve been in Paterson for 100 years and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Paterson has been great to us, and I’m thrilled to give back to the community.  A few years ago I created a non-profit,
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Slip and Falls on Snow and Ice

Updated Oct 7, 2021 With Winter around the corner, we wanted to send some early info: We receive many inquires from potential clients regarding injuries sustained from slip and falls on snow and ice. Not every such injury, of course, warrants bringing a personal injury claim. The mere fact that someone falls and hurts him
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Injured While Bike Riding

UPDATED OCT 1, 2021 Now that Fall is arriving and potholes are being filled (slowly), bike riders are once again taking to the streets. Many bike riders are still confused as to their rights and duties. In New Jersey, “Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway is granted all the rights and subject to
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Elevator Injuries

While our firm represents many individuals who are harmed by elevator defects and malfunction, rarely do we have videos of the actual incidents. This video, which has made the rounds on the internet and on news program, captures the panic this poor guy must have been going through. There are about 18 billion passenger elevator
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What is Considered a Permanent Injury from a Car Crash?

Updated July 23, 2021 If you were in a car crash that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you might be overwhelmed with medical bills and might have been out of work for a while. While you may have sustained an injury, how do you know if it’s permanent (under the eyes of the law)
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Your Rights During a NJ Traffic Stop

Dan Levy, Esq., who handles a variety of New Jersey criminal matters, discusses your legal rights when pulled over during a traffic stop. The conversation includes being told to exit the vehicle and vehicle searches.
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Chris Hoskey, Esq. of Raff & Raff, LLP, provides a brief overview of available benefits to an injured worker in New Jersey. These possible benefits include covered medical treatment, lost wages, and compensation for permanency.
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In this video, Michael Raff, Esq. describes the different scenarios for payment of medical bills when someone is involved in New Jersey car crash involving an Uber or Lyft or other types of rideshare vehicles. The different scenarios include whether you’re a driver, passenger, or in another vehicle. They are also dependent on any personal
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