UPDATED Dec. 11, 2018

What happens if you are unfortunately injured in an accident? You might ask, do I need a lawyer? Won’t the insurance company for person at fault pay for my injuries and bills? Can I take care of this myself? As attorneys with a robust personal injury practice, we hear these questions, and unfortunately the insurance companies often do as much as they legally can to avoid paying claims.

New Jersey Automobile and Liability Insurance Companies

We are routinely in court on negligence/tort cases in Passaic County, Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Union County, and the surrounding areas. And there is one general rule that governs all injury cases in New Jersey. The insurance companies for the person/company that is probably at fault represents their insured, not the person who is injured. It is not the obligation of the insurance companies to pay on all claims, only those claims that their insured is legally responsible for. This leads to two major issues: Avoidance and delay.

The insurance companies will not simply take your phone call and send you a check. They will need every scrap of paper required for them to complete their investigation. They will raise any kind of legal defense that their insured could raise. If they can legally avoid payment, they will likely refuse to pay anything. If they think they can settle cheaply, they will offer very small sums to settle. And this all takes time. They know that they can delay claims for years, because generally only a court order will force them to pay a claim.

The insurance companies do not care about the injured people on a personal level. They are in the business of collecting money from their customers, on paying as few claims as possible.

How can a personal injury lawyer help?

Most people are very unfamiliar with how car and liability insurance companies work. They often expect that you can send a letter arguing your case and receive a check. Not so, even when dealing with cases that should be very simple. Often times, when people are injured and they attempt to get compensated on their own, they find out that they are unable to get full and fair compensation. As skilled personal injury lawyers, we are able to help you through the process.

We are skilled in contacting insurance companies and making sure that all appropriate materials are exchanged. We are able to better communicate and negotiate with the insurance companies. Critically, we are able to evaluate a case and advise client on whether it is in their best interests to settle early, litigate and settle later, or take the case to trial.

How to find a good personal injury lawyer?

In New Jersey, it is generally unethical for lawyers to compare themselves to other lawyers. They cannot say that they have won more cases than a neighboring lawyer, for example. So if a lawyer tells you that he/she is “the best” and that they can get you a certain amount of money for your case, you should probably look for a different lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision, which you should consider carefully. Some of the things to consider, we suggest, include the number of years that a firm has been practicing personal injury law (we have been doing it for over 90 years!) and how many personal injury cases they handle each year (ours are too many to count). Local firms, like our firm, are well acquainted with the local judges and their staff and the insurance attorneys, which allows for a smoother representation and more expected outcome. Finally, we suggest looking closely at a firm’s level of customer service. At Raff & Raff, the attorneys are always more than willing to make appointments with clients and discuss their cases, our staff is friendly and familiar with the cases as well, and we strive to deliver truly top-notch customer service.

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer – Free Consultation With a Skilled Attorney

Remember, the insurance companies have teams of adjusters and attorneys who will do all that they legally can to avoid compensating injured people. We have been representing injured individuals and their families since 1922 and we are very familiar with dealing with their tactics. If you have any question or you or a loved one were injured, please do not hesitate to contact us for a 100% free consultation.

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