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Transporting Firearms in New Jersey – getting searched, and getting caught

Updated Feb. 27 2019 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Gun crimes and issues regarding carrying firearms and possessing weapons have been heavily covered by news sources lately. And our clients in New Jersey may have lots of questions about transporting guns in their cars and whether police may search a car for guns. Recently,
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Drunk Driving and Car Accidents in New Jersey

UPDATED January 14, 2019 There are a lot of legal issues involving drunk driving and car accidents. People may be hurt and suffer severe personal injuries in car accidents. Drunk drivers may face serious penalties for DUI/DWI and related tickets, or even criminal charges in Superior Court. A bar may be liable for injuries. Below
  • car accident, criminal law, drunk driving, dui, jail, municipal court, personal injury, superior court, ticket, traffic
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Can police use a drug sniffing dog without probable cause?

What happens if police show up to your New Jersey home with a drug sniffing dog? Are they permitted to use the dog around your home to search for drugs without probable cause? Or do they need permission or a warrant? The United States Supreme Court recently addressed this question, and the outcome will likely
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What will happen if I am served with a restraining order in New Jersey? (UPDATED)

UPDATED DEC 1. 2018 As New Jersey criminal and family lawyers, clients come to us after having received a temporary restraining order (TRO). Naturally, they want to know what will happen after they are served with TRO. It is a serious situation in New Jersey, but the process itself is usually fairly straightforward. The first
  • domestic violance, restraining order
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Warrantless Searches of Cars UPDATED

Updated October 15, 2018 As most people know, the police generally need a warrant if they want to perform a search. However, police often do not need a warrant if they pull over a car, assuming that they have a reason to pull the car over. Once the vehicle is pulled over, police may perform
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Can the police question you about your Google searches? UPDATED

Updated Sept. 29 2018 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. As a New Jersey criminal defense attorney, I am sometimes asked if police can obtain your Google searches and question you about them. Presently in the news, there are a wide range of questions about the NSA and other authorities gathering data online. At the
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What happens on the first court date, if arrested in New Jersey?

UPDATED AUGUST 6, 2018 One of the first things that most people who are accused of crimes in New Jersey ask us is, “what is going to happen at my first court date?” In most cases, the short answer is: Not all that much. The criminal justice system in New Jersey functions almost nothing like
  • criminal law
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Can Police Track My Cellphone Without a Warrant?

Related: Criminal Law, No Warrant Required for Facebook Postings, Understanding the Fee for a NJ Criminal Defense Attorney. UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2018 As New Jersey criminal defense attorneys, we are sometimes asked, “can police track my cellphone without a warrant?” Police do all sorts of things in their investigations, but if they are supposed to
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What to do if you are pulled over?

Updated July 22, 2018 Related: DUI/DWI, Traffic Tickets, Points for New Jersey Traffic Tickets.   As attorneys who represent drivers accused of traffic violations in New Jersey, we are often asked, “what do I say to the cop after he pulls me over?” Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you get
  • criminal law, traffic
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Can I get a conditional discharge in New Jersey if I am caught with marijuana?

Updated July 17, 2018 Possession of small amounts of marijuana in New Jersey is illegal, but because of decriminalization certain first time offenders are able to avoid criminal penalties. This can be done by entering a conditional discharge program at the Municipal Court where you are charged. We frequently appear in the various municipal courts
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