This year the Law Offices of Raff & Raff teamed up with “Gifts of Love,” a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to provide low income families with gifts during the holidays. 100% of the money raised goes towards providing children of low-income families with gifts during the holiday season. No one involved with the organization takes a salary or any type of compensation. The owners of the charity absorb all costs out of their personal pockets to maximize the amount of money spent on the kids.

The goal of Gifts of Love is to make sure that all children of every background can enjoy the holidays, feel loved, and receive a gift during the holiday season. Their focus is on providing children from low economic families, as well as foster children, homeless children, terminally ill children, and those children with life threatening medical conditions, with toys, books, and/or clothing, at no cost to them, during the holidays. A new toy can mean everything to a needy or homeless child. It can help bring a moment of happiness or pleasure in an otherwise difficult time. It can help teach the virtue of compassion and give hope to a child, thereby playing a key role in helping children develop into engaged, caring, and optimistic adults.

We wish you and your families happy holidays during these trying times from all us at Raff & Raff.