Let’s say you were injured while riding in a van as a passenger and there is an accident. The van was provided by the temp agency that you work for to transport you and other workers to a warehouse. You need medical treatment and the employer is refusing to provide Workers’ Compensation because they did not own the van and you paid money out of your paycheck to ride in the van. The van’s insurance says they will not you. How do you get the medical treatment you need?

Even if the van is not owned by your employer and you paid to ride the van, the law in New Jersey is clear you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation, as long as riding in the van was arranged and organized by your employer; if, on the other hand, it was a ride sharing agreement made between you and your co-workers, you may not be eligible for Workers’ Compensation.

I advise you to discuss this matter with an attorney as soon as possible to go over the specific facts of this matter. First, to confirm if you are entitled to Workers ’ Compensation and, second, to file a Motion for Medical Treatment and Disability Benefits with the Court, if your employer continues to deny you Workers’ Compensation.