How do I get custody back from my child’s mother in New Jersey?

Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. I do a lot of New Jersey custody cases, and almost daily fathers ask me how they can get custody of their child back from the child’s mother. Most issues with custody cases are a bit complicated and heavily dependent upon the facts and circumstances of that particular case.
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Can I sue if I am partially at fault?

Updated Jan. 20 2019 What happens if you are injured in an accident and you are partially at fault? You may ask yourself if you can still sue and collect damages for your expenses, medical bills, and pain and suffering. As New Jersey lawyers, we are frequently asked these questions by those injured in car
  • car accident, personal injury
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Drunk Driving and Car Accidents in New Jersey

UPDATED January 14, 2019 There are a lot of legal issues involving drunk driving and car accidents. People may be hurt and suffer severe personal injuries in car accidents. Drunk drivers may face serious penalties for DUI/DWI and related tickets, or even criminal charges in Superior Court. A bar may be liable for injuries. Below
  • car accident, criminal law, drunk driving, dui, jail, municipal court, personal injury, superior court, ticket, traffic
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Injured in a Motor Vehicle Crash While on the Job

What happens if you’re driving while in the course of your employment (on the job) and another vehicle crashes into you? It’s a scenario we deal with all too often. If you were injured, you would be able to pursue both a Worker’s Compensation claim and potentially bring a claim against the other (at-fault) vehicle.
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Can police seize your guns if you have not committed a crime?

  Article by: Daniel A. Levy, Esq. Often in my Criminal Practice, and occasionally in my Family Practice, I see lots in incidents involving guns. But especially today, people ask more and more frequently whether police can seize your firearms if there was no crime committed. And what about situations where there was an incident,
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Can police use a drug sniffing dog without probable cause?

What happens if police show up to your New Jersey home with a drug sniffing dog? Are they permitted to use the dog around your home to search for drugs without probable cause? Or do they need permission or a warrant? The United States Supreme Court recently addressed this question, and the outcome will likely
  • criminal law, police, possession, warrant
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I was hurt in an accident, do I need a lawyer?

UPDATED Dec. 11, 2018 What happens if you are unfortunately injured in an accident? You might ask, do I need a lawyer? Won’t the insurance company for person at fault pay for my injuries and bills? Can I take care of this myself? As attorneys with a robust personal injury practice, we hear these questions,
  • car accident, fall down accidents, insurance, personal injury
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What will happen if I am served with a restraining order in New Jersey? (UPDATED)

UPDATED DEC 1. 2018 As New Jersey criminal and family lawyers, clients come to us after having received a temporary restraining order (TRO). Naturally, they want to know what will happen after they are served with TRO. It is a serious situation in New Jersey, but the process itself is usually fairly straightforward. The first
  • domestic violance, restraining order
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Out-of-State Drivers and No Fault (Updated)

UPDATED Nov. 22, 2018 New Jersey has a No Fault law, and, as New Jersey personal injury lawyers, several people have asked us what this means if a perseon who lives and is insured in Pennsylvania gets into a car accident in New Jersey. Under N.J.S.A. 39:6A-1 et seq. – the No Fault Law –
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Can I go to jail for careless driving in New Jersey? (Updated)

  Updated Nov. 12 2018 As New Jersey traffic attorneys, we are sometimes asked, “can I go to jail for careless driving?” There is no clear cut answer, and you should consult with a New Jersey traffic defense attorney right away if you receive a ticket for careless driving. As we explain below, there are
  • careless driving, jail, reckless driving
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