The NJ Supreme Court recently decided a case (Haines v. Taft), which ruled that unless an injured car crash victim bought $250,000 in (PIP) Personal Injury Protection medical benefits, they cannot sue the at-fault party for their unpaid medical bills. It’s terribly unjust, but if you’re a C.E.O. of an automobile insurance company, you’re thrilled. Many people, some among you have purchased less than $250,000 or made their healthcare primary, in the event of a car crash. The NJ Assembly and Senate has passed a bill by overwhelming majority to change the Haines decision.

It is presently on New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s desk. It is awaiting his signature. All he has to do is sign it.

PLEASE HELP YOURSELF AND OTHERS NOW. It takes UNDER 30 SECONDS. Please call Gov. Murphy at 609-292-6000 and tell the receptionist: “I am calling to urge Gov. Murphy to sign S-2432 to reverse Haines”. This bill will help innocent car crash victims recover their medical expenses.

Without this law, many people will be unable to receive desperate medical treatment and be forced to file for bankruptcy due to mounting medical bills. Not surprisingly, the insurance industry continues to make a full-court press fighting this bill.

Once again, please call Governor Murphy’s office and leave a message asking him to sign S-2432 into law immediately to protect all injured victims of automobile accidents. Thanks!

For those of you who forgot how a bill becomes a law, there’s always the timeless, Schoolhouse Rock video, “I’m Just a Bill.”

Michael Raff, Esq.