One of our worker’s compensation clients recently asked the following question: I have been working for several years without a Social Security Number. Recently, I was injured while working and my boss told me I can not get Workers’ Compensation as I do not have legal status. Is this true?

The answer is a simple, no. In New Jersey, as long as you can prove you were employed you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, you should consult an attorney right away, first, to discuss how this might affect your immigration status, and second, to get Workers’ Compensation without a Social Security Number, you must apply to the New Jersey Division of Labor for an employee identification number. These are complicated issued and a claimant would do well to have an attorney to assist them.

As long as you can prove your employment and get an employee identification number, you are eligible for to same medical treatment, temporary income replacement and permanent disability as any other worker in the State of New Jersey.