If you are on the job, Workers’ Compensation will pay you 70% of your average weekly gross, but only if a doctor selected i.e. authorized by your employer determines that you can not work for more than seven (7) days because of an injury suffered while working. As such, it is very important that you go to a doctor authorized by your employer as the Workers’ Compensation insurance company does not have to listen to doctors it did not select.

Therefore, if you hurt yourself while at work, report it to somebody in a supervisory position immediately and ask that person to provide you with the name and address of a local doctor. If your employer refuses to give you the name of a doctor or gives you the “run around” keep asking for a doctor, but, also, consult an attorney as soon as possible because while there is no specific time period in which you must see a doctor the longer you wait the harder it is for any doctor to relate your injuries to the work accident.