On October 14, 2014, Stephen Raff, Esq. had the honor of appearing before the United States Supreme Court to request the admission of his friend and colleague, Derek T. Smith, Esq. to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. In order to be admitted, an attorney needs two sponsors who are already members of the bar. One of the sponsors may also move for your admission, which can be done in open court. To qualify for admission, you must be admitted to practice in the highest court of your State for at least three years, must not have been the subject of any adverse disciplinary action during that 3 year period, and must appear to the Court to be of good moral and professional character.
US Supreme Court
As Stephen Raff was already a member of the US Supreme Court, Derek chose Steve to sponsor him, and also request for his admission. Admissions are held in open court prior to cases being heard. On the day of admission, the Clerk of the Court announced that there would be people moving for admission. Chief Justice John Roberts then called Stephen Raff to the podium where Steve addressed the Chief Justice and the other 8 members of the Court. Steve then moved for Derek’s admission and asked for the Supreme Court to accept him as a member of their bar. The motion was granted and following the other admissions, the Court went on with the calendar for the day. Two cases were argued before the Justices that morning prior to the Court breaking for the day.