If you were injured on the job, your will be treated by a Workers’ Compensation doctor. The insurance company may have paid part of the bill, but now the doctor expects the patient to pay the rest of the bill that the insurance company will not pay. Does the patient have to pay this?

No, as long as the medical treatment was authorized (pre-approved) by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company, the doctor that treated you must accept the amount paid by the insurance company. The doctor does have the right to challenge the amount paid by the insurance company in Workers’ Compensation Court, but under no circumstances, should you, the injured worker, have to pay for authorized medical treatment.

Although you do not have to pay this bill, if you do not respond to these collection activities they may persist and the matter might even be sent to a collection agency. Therefore, you should see an attorney immediately so the doctor seeking payment can be notified to cease and deist all collection activities against you, as you are not legally obligated to pay for treatment.