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Can My Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company be Required to Pay for My Medical Marijuana?

Under certain situations: YES. An injured worker can receive reimbursement for medical marijuana. In a recent New Jersey Court decision, the court held: Here, where petitioner has demonstrated the severity and chronic nature of his pain, his attempts to unsuccessfully alleviate the pain with multiple surgeries and medical modalities, and the validated efficacy of the
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Slip and Falls: How to Fall

UPDATED: FEBRUARY 24, 2020 Every winter season, we receive many inquiries about and handle “slip and fall” cases. These cases typically involve someone slipping on snow or ice due to a commercial property owner’s failure to adequately provide a safe walking area. Some of the injuries from these falls are horrific leading to catastrophic injuries
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What Happens to Social Security Disability Benefits if there is Personal Injury Claim Recovery?

UPDATED FEBRUARY 7, 2020 Occasionally, we have clients who were declared disabled by the federal government and then sustain another unrelated injury, which gives rise to a personal injury claim. A client’s personal injury settlement typically has NO impact his/her Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). SSDI is a basically an insurance program paid by payroll
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UPDATED: DECEMBER 12, 2019 If you or someone close to you got injured as a result of a fall on snow or ice, there are some important steps (pun intended) to take. The mere fact that you fell on snow or ice, however, does not necessarily mean that you have a potential personal injury claim.
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The dangers of having too little insurance

Photo by Pictures of Money | Flickr UPDATED: NOV. 6, 2019 We represent countless clients who were involved in car accidents. As such, we are constantly working with car insurance issues of all kinds. Some of them are very unusual issues or involve circumstances that are probably not applicable to the average buyer of car
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Harassment in the workplace comes in many forms. Not all types of harassment, however, are the basis for a legal claim. For example, petty slights by co-workers, annoyances at work, and isolated incidents (unless severe), do not give the basis for a legal claim. In order to proceed with a legal claim for a “hostile
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Is leaving a baby in a car always considered child abuse?

UPDATED OCTOBER 2, 2019 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. A hot topic in the news today is the issue about babies and toddlers who were left in a locked car. Certainly, there are several dangerous things that could happen to a child left in a car, even if the parent is only away for
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Slow down when driving through town

UPDATED AUGUST 29, 2019 Article by Daniel A. Levy, Esq. A large part of our personal injury practice are cases involving car accidents. We have seen too many types of car crashes to list, but the most common car accidents involve negligent drivers in densely populated areas who are simply not paying attention and/or driving
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Up until a few months ago, victims of sexual assault were often prevented from seeking to hold their abusers accountable in court because of the state of limitations. After years of fighting, however, a new law in NJ that will go into effect at the end of 2019 offers such victims of child sexual abuse
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